I come across all too often when speaking with candidates how many of them complain about not receiving feedback or in many cases an outcome to an interview they have attended via recruitment agencies.

Not surprisingly, this gives them a low opinion of that recruitment agency, recruitment agencies in general, and in lots of cases the recruitment agencies clients.

Providing feedback to candidates after interviews or assessments is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Improving Candidate Experience: Candidates appreciate receiving feedback as it shows respect for their time and effort invested in the application process. Providing constructive feedback, even if it’s negative, can help candidates understand where they stand and what they can improve upon for future opportunities.
  2. Enhancing Your Brand: Treating candidates with respect, including providing feedback, enhances your brand. Even if a candidate doesn’t get the job, a positive experience can lead to recommendations and positive word-of-mouth, benefiting your organisation’s reputation in the long run.
  3. Developing Talent Pool: Candidates who receive valuable feedback are more likely to reapply for future positions if they feel the feedback was fair and helpful, which helps maintain a strong talent pool.
  4. Maintaining Professional Relationships: Offering feedback respectfully maintains a positive relationship with candidates, even if they were not selected. This can be beneficial for future collaborations, networking, or even potential referrals.
  5. Protect Your Clients Reputation: You represent your client too, think about your client’s reputation when not passing on feedback to your candidates, I bet that your client will have taken the time to give you their feedback, so pass it on!!!!!!

In summary, giving feedback to candidates is not just an act of courtesy; it’s a strategic move that can benefit both the candidates and the recruiter in numerous ways.